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Pangearas is closed indefinitely.
Thanks to everyone who participated!
Feel free to browse the gallery.

All rights to Pangearas belong to me, PineRain

Don't be alarmed

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 9:53 PM

I'm cleaning up Pangearas while it's closed, so I have removed all members. If you see you were removed, please don't assume it's anything personal, because it's not.

Also, I'm not abandoning this group or my world. No, I spent way too much time and energy and love on Pangearas to ever let it go. I simply need to change some things before I feel like opening it again. I have an end-goal for Pangearas, and it's not quite there yet. But it will be someday.

Also, to all pushy, rude, and inconsiderate people, this group was not made to serve you and cater to your every will. You have to realize it's all work for me, which I'm glad to do - but only if you treat me and your fellow members with respect. I have dealt with abuse too long; when I open the group again, the rules for entry will be stricter - possibly only people I know from before, and/or who clearly have respect and passion for art, stories, etc.
I will not be bullied into doing anything for anyone; this is my turf.

To all my previous Pangearas friends on Skype: feel free to keep making Pangearas art if you'd like. I enjoy seeing it and talking about our stories and characters. But the group won't officially be open for quite some time.

Please also realize the whole world and concept of Pangearas is copyright to me, and any spin-offs and/or copies are stealing, and I won't tolerate that. If Pangearas is closed and you wish you could be in it, please respect it and don't make your own copy.

Thanks for being understanding, and thanks to everyone who's been kind and supportive. I appreciate all the time and effort you guys have put into your characters to contribute to the fun we've had here.

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Gallery Folders

Cenozoica Propaganda by htfshimmer
Ranger Propaganda Poster by htfshimmer
Interaction Invitations
Citizen timeframe
Nehalennia-Citizen challenges-2c by JL98
Nehalennia-Citizen challenges-1c by JL98
'Stal, Look!' by JPkeeper22
Pangearas: Runt of the Litter pt.2 by mspandalolo
Student timeframe
Ryan Cooper - Student - 3B by Dontknowwhattodraw94
She's Perfect by MorganDBZ
A jump through school by Dontknowwhattodraw94
Saying goodbye by Dontknowwhattodraw94
Trainee timeframe
Training field by PineRain
Race by htfshimmer
Delivery by htfshimmer
Letter home by PineRain
Occupational timeframe
Standoff by htfshimmer
After-challenge illustrations
Final pilgrimage by PineRain
Black tide by PineRain
South Neogenia by PineRain
Rhagnall -Lipotern lunch by PineRain
Gifts, concepts, doodles, for fun, WIP, etc
Rhag seal by PineRain
Poison by htfshimmer
SPC - Pangearan division by PineRain
Jesse and Parmelia by PineRain
Character building, backstory
The repentant, repurposed, and rejected by PineRain
Rhagnall - looking back by PineRain
Little Orphans by PineRain
Dee Night Kiss by CarmenDoodle
Portraits, fullbodies, etc
Pangeran paper dolls by PineRain
The child no one loved by PineRain
Aries again by PineRain
Weightless, but so heavy by PineRain
My Pangearas peeps' timelines by PineRain
The farm (extra) by Dontknowwhattodraw94
Stals Farm | Backstory Extra by JPkeeper22
Nehalennia's home by JL98
All Text
Events, Art Jams, Contests
Taking Down Decorations by MorganDBZ
Stal and Rain's christmas by CarmenDoodle
Rhagnall and Daisy by MorganDBZ
Ryan's Christmas by PineRain
Cenozoica ref sheets
Pangearas: Dylan by mspandalolo
Official Pangearas Ref Sheet - Amber Lift by IcestormTundra
Nehalennia ref sheet by JL98
Rhagnall and Daisy ref sheet by PineRain
Mesozoica and Paleozoica ref sheets
Pangearas Application: Sophie Rey by vinhavatar
Pangearas: Mako App by redflamekitty44
Pangearas: Atyato Mambasu by Pterosaur-Freak
Pangearas | Aeryn | Reference by TalonV
Member-made NPCs
Nikki and Princess ref by redflamekitty44
NPCs: Jenny and Fern by PineRain
Allen Rowley Stock by htfshimmer
General Morton and Doomsday -NPC by PineRain
Mystic -NPC by PineRain
Permian tribesman -NPC by PineRain
Official Pangearas ref sheet - 2015 by PineRain
Character and partner ref sheet  - 2015 by PineRain
Mystic park by PineRain
Cenozoic culture examples by PineRain
Pangearas map - 2015 by PineRain
Pangearas place thumbnails by PineRain
World art
Winter hunting party by PineRain
Scout or Assassin? by htfshimmer
Aniksosaurus darwini by htfshimmer
Dinosaur Mounts | Redvale by JPkeeper22


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